Procedure for Technician and Laboratory Facilities Requests (PDF)

Technician and Laboratory Facilities Presentation (PDF)

MTS Training (Video)


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Technical Work Request Form

Need for research support flowchart


Request and scheduling

Fill out Work, Test and Lab Time request form (select project type, fill in basic information, suggest time and date for pre-project planning meeting)


2 business days

Date set for pre-project planning meeting

Technical Services Supervisor sets meeting time and date suitable for participants in the project and technical staff

2 business days

As agreed upon

Pre-project planning

Meet with technical staff to identify all elements of the request; may require multiple meetings for larger and / or complex projects

As agreed upon


Assigned to technical staff immediately after final pre-project meeting; expect at least two weeks to complete

Laboratory use and testing

Testing scheduled and equipment reserved after final pre-project planning meeting

Technical time

Scheduled after final pre-project planning meeting; requires five business days notice; off-campus work requires approval of the department chair

Project completion

Fabrication, laboratory use and testing or technician time request are completed