Our research aims to address the impact of human activities on the environment and design systems to provide safe water, air and land for human habitation.

A person crouches before a body of water, in which sensors float.

Ecohydrology and Hydraulic Engineering

Managing natural water systems and built water infrastructures, and understanding how large-scale climate and weather events impact water resource availability

Close-up of a researcher inserting a syringe into a vial

Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology

Understanding the fate of chemicals in natural water environments and in manmade systems, and developing processes for removing pollutants from water, wastewater and landfills

A person pours pasteurized urine onto soil

Environmental Chemistry and Soil Physics

Designing and implementing pollution prevention strategies, treating and controlling hazardous substances, and designing industrial processes and products that do not harm the environment

Researcher uses equipment

Energy and Clean Tech

Developing innovations in energy storage, air and water treatment technologies, and sustainable industrial practices for a greener economy, powered by energy systems with a smaller carbon footprint and a reduced environmental impact