The interior of a building under construction

Groundbreaking research is a key component of the resiliency and success of the construction industry. Even minute breakthroughs in construction research have the potential to improve processes and create significant cost and time savings. Cutting-edge research is critical for the planning, design, construction, operations, maintenance, rehabilitation, performance, evaluation and life-cycle analysis of constructed facilities. It is imperative to unearth the most efficient and sustainable methods of rehabilitating, rebuilding, and maintaining the nation’s civil infrastructure, all of which will help frame and define the federal and state research agenda in the upcoming decade.

Research areas of interest in the Tishman Construction Management Program include the following:

  • Sustainable building energy systems
  • Occupancy intervention and simulation for energy reduction in buildings
  • Understanding and modelling the impact of occupant energy usage characteristics in buildings
  • Sustainability in buildings through human mediation
  • Understanding and managing the construction dynamics in large-scale construction projects
  • Diverse decision-making processes to manage schedule, cost, and quality as well as sustainability and safety using emerging technologies
  • Understanding effect of decisions on people’s behavior in construction projects
  • Computer simulation (System Dynamics, Discrete Event Simulation, and Agent-based Modeling)
  • Construction automation and robotics
  • Real-time monitoring of construction processes
  • Augmented reality visualization for construction and operation of civil infrastructure systems