• What details should I include in my order?
    Include product information, a quote from the vendor, vendor’s item number, or link to product to ensure correct item is ordered.
  • How do I see the status of my order?
    Requester will receive email of order progress or can monitor status in OPS system/My Orders tab.
  • How do I modify an order?
    Orders are stored for future reference and ability to quickly re-order from previous order. Do NOT create a new OPS order to make changes to an existing approved OPS order, please use the email/comments to communicate your changes.
  • What should I use the comment box for?
    Use the comment section within OPS to track all order information as backup/auditor review. Add comment, save, and click the envelope at comment box to email multiple recipients.  Comment section should also be used for multiple approvers and/or shortcodes.
  • What shipping address should I use?
    All orders should be delivered to GG Brown dock. Include your name, room number and building to assist Mike Lazarz (dock staff) with package delivery.
  • How do I return wrong or damaged items?
    Use vendor’s instructions for returns, add a comment in OPS order that item was returned for a credit, or vendor will send replacement.
  • How do I create a group?
    Lab members working together can create a group in MCommunity https://mcommunity.umich.edu/. Designate an owner(s) to create a group and add each member. The Purchasing team will add the Group name to the OPS system. Group members will be able to view each other’s orders. As Group membership changes, the MCommunity owner will be responsible for maintaining the individual names. When a change is made to the MCommunity group membership, the change will automatically update in the OPS system the next day.
  • What is different about equipment orders?
    All equipment must be tracked. Be sure to include room and building where equipment will be placed. Give prior notification to CEE-Techs of equipment purchase to ensure sufficient space, power, water, drains, signage, etc.
  • Can I revise a purchase order?
    Once processed, purchase orders cannot be revised.  PO would have to be canceled and re-entered, delaying your order.