University of Michigan Civil and Environmental Engineers are involved in ground-breaking projects, such as designing a smart system to control storm water, eliminating waste on the U-M campus and using virtual reality to teach today’s students.

A CEE alumni sits across from a student mentee.

Our community also works hard inside the classroom, leading our degree programs to consistently rank among the top ten in the nation according to the U.S. News and World Report rankings for civil engineering and environmental engineering programs.

CEE would not be able to accomplish these feats without the support of our community.

Over the coming years, we will focus on three pillars of excellence – research, education and culture – pushing ourselves to be innovative, daring and forward-thinking in our service to society. Providing the foundation for these pillars will be our core values, and the people and spaces that enable our work.

Please consider targeting your philanthropy toward CEE. Your help today will make a difference in the world tomorrow, and will help us to maintain the high standard of excellence that exemplifies the CEE programs at Michigan.

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