Images of Students visiting from Norfolk Academy

Norfolk Academy students visit CEE

Students all the way from Norfolk, Virginia made the trip to visit our department.

On Tuesday, August 1st, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan welcomed a group of high school students from Norfolk Academy, an independent co-educational day school in Norfolk, Virginia. The students were introduced to the Civil and Environmental Engineering profession by Assistant Professor Evgueni Filipov, who provided them with an overview of the social impact of these disciplines. Following the introduction, the students were taken on a tour of the department’s structures lab, where they observed ongoing experiments in structural and geotechnical engineering. The students were able to see firsthand the cutting-edge research being conducted in these fields and learn about the various ways in which Civil and Environmental Engineers work to improve society. This interactive experience helped to inspire the students and give them a better understanding of the important role that Civil and Environmental Engineers play in shaping the world around us.


Portrait of Mason Hinawi
Mason Hinawi

Marketing Communications Specialist
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering