Portrait of Evgueni Filipov

Assistant Prof. Evgueni Filipov to Receive 2023 Leonardo da Vinci Award

ASCE EMI Award is highest given to junior faculty.

Congratulations to CEE Assistant Prof. Evgueni Filipov, who will receive the 2023 ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) Leonardo da Vinci Award. This is the highest award given to junior faculty through EMI.

Portrait of Evgueni Filipov
Assistant Prof. Evgueni Filipov

EMI selected Prof. Filipov “for outstanding contributions to the field of origami-inspired deployable and reconfigurable structures including: establishing new simulation tools, creating stiff lightweight origami, developing functional origami structures at multiple scales, and leading in service and education that broaden the field.”

The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding young investigators early in their careers for promising ground-breaking developments in the field of Engineering Mechanics and Mechanical Sciences as relevant to Civil Engineering, understood in the broadest sense.


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