UM-CEE Has Strong Performance in U.S. News & World Report Grad School Rankings

Civil is #4; Environmental is #3

The U.S. News & World Report 2023 Graduate School Ranking was announced today. U-M Civil Engineering is now ranked 4th in the nation, up three spots from 7th place in last year’s ranking. Our Environmental Engineering program remains consistent in 3rd place. The University of Michigan’s Engineering school as a whole is ranked 9th.
Our department strives to be the leading educational and research institution, addressing transformative advances in the understanding, design, and long-term protection of interconnected civil and environmental infrastructure systems and the natural environment.
We are pioneering advances in innovative technologies that enhance the performance of the built infrastructure, minimize our impact on the natural environment and manage complex issues at the intersection of built and natural systems.
Graduate students in our department are involved with this work as members of research teams consisting of faculty and other graduate students. You can learn more about research in CEE on our research page, and be sure to review our strategic directions to learn about our vision for the future of civil and environmental engineering.

US News and World Report Rankings
US News and World Report Rankings