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Glen Daigger receives MWEA Excellence in Service Award

Daigger’s work with MWEA includes teaching a course on wastewater treatment.

Civil and Engineering (CEE) Professor Glen Daigger has received the 2021 Excellence in Service Award from the Michigan Water Engineering Association (MWEA). The award recognizes a member of the association who has been actively involved in furthering the goals and vision of the association. 

Daigger is recognized for his work with the MWEA’s Water Resource Recovery Facility (WWRF) Academy. In addition to contributing to the organization of the WWRF Academy, Daigger also was an instructor for the first course: Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment – Process Model Training. 

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Glen Daigger

According to the WWRF course web page, “the Academy is designed to update practicing process design engineers, regulators, and operators in the use of wastewater process design models to simulate the impacts of changes in waste stream and process design. Training in process modeling will help to establish a common understanding of the tools for evaluating technologies.” 

The award will be presented during the 2021 MWEA Annual Conference on June 29, 2021. 


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