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New Faculty: Jeremy Bricker

Associate Professor Jeremy Bricker will join the CEE department in January 2021.

Associate Professor Jeremy Bricker will join the department in January 2021 to focus on the application of fluid mechanics to engineering design of hydraulic and coastal structures. His current research applies laboratory experiments and numerical simulations to investigate storm surge, tsunami, and flood risk reduction measures, flood impact on critical infrastructure and buildings, fragility of flood defenses, and low country hydropower and pumped hydro energy storage. This expertise will be critical to the department’s increasing focus on coastal hazards and how coastal communities can adapt to these changing hazards.

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Jeremy Bricker

Since 2016, Bricker has been an Associate Professor at Delft University of Technology, leading research on coastal and river flood hazards, infrastructure and building damage, flood defense fragility, and integration of civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering with urban planning disciplines for interdisciplinary and multifunctional design.

Welcome Jeremy!


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