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Professor Lutgarde Raskin selected as a Fellow for International Water Association

Professor Lutgarde Raskin has been chosen to be a fellow based on her contributions to the International Water Association.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Lutgarde Raskin has been accepted by the International Water Association (IWA) as a new IWA Fellow.

Dr. Raskin’s Fellow nomination was reviewed by the IWA Fellow Steering Committee and was approved by the IWA Board of Directors. The IWA Fellows are recognized as individuals who have sustained outstanding contribution to the water profession, and deliver the IWA’s mission of creating a water wise world.

IWA Fellows are appointed for an initial period of 5 years. During that time, Fellows represent the IWA through relevant activities, events and meetings, and support the IWA’s mission and leadership in the implementation of the organization’s strategic plan. Some examples of relevant activities are organizing regional workshops with IWA utilities and developing feature articles to be published in IWA’s flagship magazine.

Professor Raskin’s research interests are on a variety of biological water and wastewater treatment processes. Much of her research interests are on application areas such as anaerobic biological treatment, sustainable aquaculture systems, biofiltration and biofilm systems for drinking water treatment. Her research also focuses on environmental microbiology in areas such as antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance in the environment and in biological treatment systems, sulfate-reducing, perchlorate-reducing, and arsenate-reducing microbes, nitrification, and foaming in activated sludge systems.


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