Systems Engineering Facilities

  • The Laboratory for Intelligent Structural Technology is currently producing low-cost wireless sensing, computing and actuation nodes designed to monitor and control the behavior of civil infrastructure systems during their normal operation and under extreme events. Embedded in sensors are analysis methods for rapid evaluation of structural performance and health. The laboratory supports a clean-room facility for sensor fabrication along with experimental platforms for evaluation of intelligent sensing technologies.
  • The Advanced Civil Engineering Materials Research Laboratory (ACE-MRL) integrates material nano- and micro-structure to address contemporary challenges in civil infrastructure. The ACE-MRL fosters the creation of a next generation built environment harmonious with the natural environment via advanced materials technologies. Both graduate and undergraduate students at the ACE-MRL are involved in basic research topics driven by societal needs, and sponsored by a combination of governmental (NSF, NIST, DoE) and industrial entities in energy, water, building and transportation infrastructure sectors.
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