CEEFA tailgate tickets now on sale

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Shrimp farming in Detroit

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Meet Seymour Spence

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Professor Kamat receives two accolades from ISARC

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Henry Liu - an expert on improving traffic travel time.

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Research Highlights

Drugs in the Water

Professor Nancy Love is featured in a new video from MConneX titled, “Bad Medicine? Drugs in the water.”

Love explains in the video that our bodies don't absorb all the...

Jim Wight

Professor Jim Wight’s crown grows heavy, as it is made of concrete. His former graduate students made the crown, which includes a plaque that reads “King of Concrete.”


Aline Cotel

Fluid Dynamics

Associate Professor Aline Cotel researches fluid dynamics, studying everything from the impact of biofuel spills on aquatic environments to the impact of turbulence on fish...

Drew Gronewold

Forecasting for the Great Lakes

Great Lakes vacationers who are curious about how and why water levels have changed over the years can take a look at the online Great Lakes Hydro-Climate...



At this year’s EarthFest, UHS handed out flyers about the university's campus-wide safe drug disposal working group recommendations....


An MConneX video titled, “Solving the Big Data Dilemma,” referenced a project from Assistant Professor Branko Kerkez on robots that...


Scientists from academic, private, and government agencies convened at a small workshop in September at the University of Michigan Biological...


The Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP) Lecturers Committee has chosen Professor Lutgarde Raskin to give one...

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