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Siqian Shen

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2793 IOE

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Siqian Shen

Professor Siqian Shen earned her BS from Tsinghua University in China in 2007 and her PhD from the University of Florida in 2011. She joined the faculty in Fall 2011.

Her research is in integer programming, stochastic programming, and network optimization. The models she considers usually feature stochastic parameters and discrete decision variables. In general, optimal solutions are desired for trading off between the immediate benefits and the long-run gains, or between cost effectiveness and operational risk. Applications of her research include risk analysis and optimization of energy, healthcare, cloud computing, and transportation systems. Her work has been supported by the National Science Foundation, Army Research Office, Department of Energy, Department of Transportation, Ford Motor Company, and DiDi ChuXing.

Professor Shen currently serves as an Associate Director for the Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering (MICDE). She has received the Department of Energy (DoE) Early Career Award and IBM Smarter Planet Innovation Faculty Award.

  • Applications
    • Energy
    • Healthcare Operations
    • Transportation
  • Operations Research Tools
    • Discrete Optimization
    • Math Programming
    • Network Flows
    • Stochastic Opt. & Control