Portrait of Ethan Kennedy

Ethan Kennedy

Instrumentation & Control Engineer


GG Brown 1171

2350 Hayward, GG Brown 1171 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2125

  • Third Millennium Engineering – Test Technician
  • S. Navy – Submarine Reactor Operator/ Nuclear Electronics Technician/ Reactor Plant Maintenance Supervisor
  • US NAVY NEC 3373 – Nuclear Electronics Technician Maintenance Supervisor
  • US NAVY NEC 3363 – Submarine Reactor Controls Supervisor

Fabrication of instrumentation and control equipment, troubleshooting mechanical & electrical equipment, data acquisition (such as Labview), lab safety procedures and assistance with hydraulics lab sessions.

Start date at U-M: 11/6/2017

Start date in CEE: 11/6/2017

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia