Silhouettes of students in graduation garb

Fall 2019

Jubilee Titobioluwa AdeoyeEnvironmental Engineering PhD
Elizabeth AgeeEnvironmental Engineering PhD
Mohamad AlkhouliConstruction Eng & Mgt MEng
Peter AmaddioCivil Engineering MSE
Michelle BashamCivil Engineering MSE
Nayanika BoraConstruction Eng & Mgt MSE
Daqiu ChenCivil Engineering MSE
Chaoqun ChengEnvironmental Engineering MSE
Jianzhong ChengCivil Engineering MSE
Xueqi ChengCivil Engineering MSE
Sonja GagenEnvironmental Engineering MSE
Monica JambuCivil Engineering MSE
Lixia JiangConstruction Eng & Mgt MSE
Sebina KalawadwalaCivil Engineering MSE
Da LiCivil Engineering PhD
Bingqu LiangEnvironmental Engineering MSE
Xiaofei LinCivil Engineering MSE
Kerui LiuCivil Engineering MSE
Leiyang LiuStructural Engineering MEng
Nicholas John LoweEnvironmental Engineering MSE
Ernesto Federico Martinez PazEnvironmental Engineering MSE
Caitlin MonahanConstruction Eng & Mgt MEng
Nagappan PalaniappanConstruction Eng & Mgt MSE
Dowon ParkCivil Engineering PhD
Margaret ReuterEnvironmental Engineering PhD
Yuemin ShiConstruction Eng & Mgt MEng
Rongqiu TanCivil Engineering MSE
Caroline Joanna A Van SteendamEnvironmental Engineering PhD
Ross Vander MeulenEnvironmental Engineering MSE
Yongjian WeiCivil Engineering MSE
Steven WoodruffCivil Engineering MSE
Siqi XueEnvironmental Engineering MSE
Yijian ZhaoConstruction Eng & Mgt MSE
Zheyuan ZhongCivil Engineering MSE
Fall 2019 graduates and their degrees

Winter 2020

Malcolm Lee AmmonsCivil Engineering PhD
Kaitlyn BurgertEnvironmental Engineering MSE
Cassandra Lyn ChampagneCivil Engineering MSE
Zhixi ChenConstruction Eng & Mgt MSE
Mark ColellaStructural Engineering MEng
Leah DixonStructural Engineering MEng
Xin DongCivil Engineering MSE
Christian Flores CarrerasCivil Engineering MSE
Sara FreidConstruction Eng & Mgt MEng
Rafael Herrera JrCivil Engineering MSE
Merrisa JenningsEnvironmental Engineering MSE
Christopher KelleyCivil Engineering MSE
Man Tung LaiCivil Engineering MSE
Szu-Yun LinCivil Engineering PhD
Jose Eduardo Maya PradoConstruction Eng & Mgt MEng
Jared R MillmanCivil Engineering MSE
Zach MusedCivil Engineering MSE
Kyle James PettiboneEnvironmental Engineering MSE
Raghav Rajupalle ReddyEnvironmental Engineering PhD
Sebastian RubinsteinCivil Engineering MSE
Sylvia SabbatStructural Engineering MEng
Alyssa SchubertEnvironmental Engineering MSE
Anastasia ShekhterStructural Engineering MEng
Arthriya SubgranonCivil Engineering PhD
Arthriya SubgranonCivil Engineering MSE
Aini SunEnvironmental Engineering MSE
Kanchan SwaroopEnvironmental Engineering MSE
Nicholas SzarzynskiStructural Engineering MEng
Daisuke TokumaruConstruction Eng & Mgt MSE
Kira Estrada TomenchokEnvironmental Engineering MSE
Lichao XuCivil Engineering PhD
Xiaquan XuCivil Engineering MSE
Ella YazbeckCivil Engineering MSE
Liujing ZhangCivil Engineering MSE
Yaqiong ZhangCivil Engineering MSE
Yuxiang ZhaoCivil Engineering MSE
Ziqi ZouCivil Engineering MSE
Winter 2020 graduates and their degrees

Summer 2020

Matthew BartosCivil Engineering PhD
Zerihun BekeleEnvironmental Engineering PhD
Katherine FlaniganCivil Engineering PhD
Stephen HiltonEnvironmental Engineering MSE
Rui HouCivil Engineering PhD
Ed Shihong HuangCivil Engineering PhD
Anne MenefeeEnvironmental Engineering PhD
David MikorskiEnvironmental Engineering MSE
Abhiram MullapudiCivil Engineering PhD
Xiaotong SunCivil Engineering PhD
Sara C TroutmanEnvironmental Engineering PhD
Donghui XuCivil Engineering PhD
Zhengtian XuCivil Engineering PhD
Nina ZabihiCivil Engineering PhD
Summer 2020 graduates and their degrees
Person working on water treatment test, students walking wearing masks, and person climbing trees in Amazon rainforest

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