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CEE’s Professor El-Tawil receives Distinguished University Professorship

CEE Professor Sherif El-Tawil awarded Distinguished University Professorship

Created by the Board of Regents in 1947, Distinguished University Professorships are awarded to senior faculty members recognized for exceptional scholarly or creative achievement, national and international reputation and superior records of teaching, mentoring and service. This year, CEE Professor Sherif El-Tawil has been selected to receive the professorship.

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With a research focus on natural and man-made hazard mitigation, Professor El-Tawil has dedicated his career to protecting human life through the design and construction of buildings and bridges and the modeling of human behavior during natural and man-made disasters. His work and research pursuits have led to great accomplishments in his field — through his investigation of structural engineering systems’ responses to stressors like earthquakes and hurricanes, Professor El-Tawil has aided in the development of new design specifications for steel buildings in seismic zones in the United States and worldwide. After 9/11, Professor El-Tawil investigated collapse-resistance construction, and his research became the basis for new building codes.

Professor El-Tawil has dedicated his career to excellence not only in research but also in teaching; in the classroom, he consistently achieves favorable student evaluations from undergraduate and graduate students alike and has been honored with teaching awards such as the Provost’s Teaching Innovation Prize.

On behalf of CEE, we extend our congratulations to Professor El-Tawil.


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