Seth Guikema and Jim Bagian

The Center for Risk Analysis Informed Decision Engineering Joins CEE

Developed to enhance risk-informed decision-making, RAIDE aims to identify, assess, and mitigate risks across multiple disciplines.

The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering welcomes a new addition – The Center for Risk Analysis Informed Decision Engineering (RAIDE). The center aims to promote risk-informed decisions in order to prevent unexpected outcomes. With accurate and timely information, it plans to identify, assess, and mitigate risks across various fields.

Seth Guikema and Jim Bagian
Seth Guikema and Jim Bagian

Co-directed by Seth Guikema and Jim Bagian, they seek to bring their diverse expert backgrounds to the center. Guikema, from a civil & environmental engineering and operations research background, specializes in the analysis of risk and resilience for natural hazards. He assesses community resilience and access to critical services during hazard events. Bagian, an astronaut-turned-patient-safety expert, emphasizes a systems approach in healthcare safety that balances patients’ perceived and actual needs without injury.

RAIDE intends to unify the concepts of risk in disciplines like autonomous vehicles, water pollution, structural reliability, and more. The goal is to initiate an all-encompassing systems approach including various disciplines outside engineering such as law and public policy. This involves assembling interdisciplinary teams to undertake a systems-based approach to risk and resilience issues and spearhead research in this area.

Guikema and Bagian also plan to create more experiential learning for undergraduate and graduate students, focusing on enhancing students’ practical understanding of risk and its management.

Within the larger College of Engineering RAIDE’s home will be at the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, emphasizing the importance of risk analysis in these fields. The department enthusiastically anticipates the valuable contributions RAIDE will bring.


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