CEE’s Building the Future Webinar Now Available on YouTube

Speaker Prof. Jennifer Wilcox Highlights Carbon Management

CEE’s November 29 Building the Future Webinar focused on the Strategic Direction of Shaping Resource Flows. Jennifer Wilcox of the U.S. Department of Energy highlighted the role that carbon capture and management will play in achieving net-zero goals. Prof. Wilcox was joined by panelists Andres Clarens, Professor at the University of Virginia and Associate Director, Environmental Resilience Institute; and Richard Middleton, CEO, Carbon Solutions, LLC.

The Biden-Harris administration has set a goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gases by mid-century. Prof. Wilcox discussed the investments in the efforts that the administration is making and ways they are examining carbon capture and storage. 

“As we look at decarbonizing fossil fuels, we are also looking at ways in which this tool can play a role in decarbonizing industrial sectors,” Wilcox said. And so i’m going to talk a little bit too, about that critical tool of carbon dioxide removal. In the Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, we’re investing across different strategies in order for us to achieve a greenhouse gas emissions reduction to net zero by 2050.”

Prof. Wilcox explained how the administration took a step back in terms of the investments that the office had been making previously and historically, and how they spent a year reorganizing the office. One of the aspects they updated was adding the two critical words of “carbon management.”
For more of Prof. Wilcox’s presentation and the panel discussion, watch the entire webinar….


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