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2022 Rackham Master’s Mentoring Award

Congratulations to Vineet Kamat for receiving this award.

CEE is proud to announce that the Rackham Graduate School will award Vineet Kamat with a 2022 Rackham Master’s Mentoring Award. This award recognizes faculty who are outstanding mentors to master’s students, particularly for those in programs for which the master’s is the terminal degree.

Vineet Kamat earned his BE at Goa University, India, and his MS and PhD at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. His research focuses on applying automation and robotics to the construction, operation and maintenance of civil infrastructure and its environment. 

Portrait of Vineet Kamat

Kamat expressed his gratitude by saying, “I have really enjoyed working with all the bright and talented students I have had the opportunity to advise during their graduate studies at Michigan. It has been extremely gratifying to see students graduate and develop into outstanding professionals working in the construction industry over the years. Several of our students have started and grown their own companies, and many others have risen to top managerial positions in organizations worldwide. I am grateful to them all for staying in touch and for giving so much back to our graduate program. Being recognized by Rackham for my role as a mentor to our master’s students is very special and something I am very grateful for.”

Congratulations again to Vineet Kamat for receiving this award! He will be honored at an April 19 ceremony and reception at Rackham.