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2022 Rackham Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award

Congratulations to Nancy Love.

CEE is proud to announce that the Rackham Graduate School has selected Nancy Love to receive a 2022 Rackham Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award. This award recognizes tenured faculty who are outstanding mentors of doctoral students, who support their intellectual, creative, scholarly, and professional growth and foster a culture of intellectual engagement in which they thrive.

Portrait of Nancy G. Love
Nancy G. Love

Nancy Love earned her BS and MS from the University of Illinois, and her PhD at Clemson University in South Carolina. Her work focuses on advancing human and environmental health by applying different biological and chemical approaches to community water systems. 

When asked how she felt about receiving this award, Love said, “Working with, advocating for, and coaching student colleagues are among the most enriching aspects of being a professor. Those experiences are rewarding enough. Nevertheless, I’m humbled and honored to be recognized by my students, department, and Rackham with this award – it’s like ‘the cherry on top’ of what is already a wonderful experience.” 

Congratulations again to Nancy Love! She will be honored at an April 19 ceremony and reception at Rackham.