Portraits of Ethan Kennedy and Justin Roelofso

2021 CEE Staff Incentive Award Winners

The Staff Incentive Program recognizes staff members who live the CEE and College of Engineering’s core values.

Congratulations to electronics technician Ethan Kennedy and engineering technician Justin Roelofs, who are the recipients of the CEE 2021 Staff Incentive Award!

The Staff Incentive Program recognizes staff members who live the CEE and College of Engineering’s core values of:

  • Leadership and excellence
  • Creativity, innovation and daring
  • Diversity, equity and social impact
  • Collegiality and cooperation
  • Transparency and trustworthiness
Portrait of Ethan Kennedy
Electronics Technician Ethan Kennedy

Lab Manager Jan Pantolin nominated both men for the award, following the CEE process of submitting nominations to the Department Chair and UA before being submitted to the College.

“I highly recommend Ethan Kennedy for the Staff Incentive Program award for his exceptional commitment and interaction with members in the CEE community,” Pantolin wrote in his nomination submission. “Ethan’s success with projects stems from continuous collaboration with the researchers. This is required to get all the information needed for success. At the moment, he is working with three different groups, performing completely different operations. His teamwork also extends to his technical team coworkers, when the team works together to solve new problems.”

Portrait of Justin Roelofs
Engineering Technician Justin Roelofs

For Justin Roelofs, Pantolin noted: “Justin is patient when interacting with individuals and treats everyone with respect. He asks pertinent questions about the research work and listens to their needs. He interacts with a variety of customers with different backgrounds and abilities and is able to accomplish a successful project for them.”

The Staff Incentive Program returned in 2021 following a one-year hiatus. The program recognizes staff members who consistently demonstrate the College’s vision, mission and values with a monetary award of $1,500.

Congratulations again to our CEE recipients!

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