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Neda Masoud Receives CUTC and Cambridge Systematics New Faculty Award

In CCAT’s story, Neda Masoud is featured for receiving the Cambridge Systematics New Faculty Award

Written by Calvin Tuttle

Neda Masoud, CCAT PI and Assistant Professor for the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Michigan has received the CUTC – Cambridge Systematics New Faculty Award. This is given annually to a tenure-track faculty member in transportation education and recognizes outstanding teaching and research contributions to the transportation field.

Portrait of Neda Masoud
Neda Masoud, Ph.D., Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Principal Investigator at the Center for Connected and Automated Transportation (CCAT)

Cambridge Systematics provides innovative policy and planning solutions, objective analysis, and technology applications to help their clients meet future transportation needs while improving the performance of existing infrastructure and operations. Committed to its clients’ success in making transportation better for future generations, Cambridge Systematics created and sponsors this award because it values the role of academic excellence in ensuring that it continues to staff the profession with individuals who have the level of creativity and domain knowledge that distinguishes the work of Cambridge Systematics and its clients.

Neda Masoud received the Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering, the Master of Science degree in physics, and the Ph.D. degree in civil and environmental engineering. Her research focuses on devising operational and planning tools to facilitate the transition to the next generation of mobility systems, which are envisioned to be connected, automated, electrified, and shared. Dr. Masoud received her award during the virtual CUTC Winter Meeting on Sunday, January 9th.

This story originally was posted by the Center for Connected and Automated Transportation (CCAT).