Portrait of Annie Winkler

New Staff: Annie Winkler

Winkler joins the department as a Senior Undergraduate Coordinator.

Annie Winkler joined the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) in August 2021 as a Senior Undergraduate Coordinator. Winkler’s responsibilities include scheduling classes, supporting faculty program advisors and assisting with the continuing re-accreditation of undergraduate degree programs.

Portrait of Annie Winkler
Annie Winkler

Most recently, Winkler worked as the Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator in the Departments of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures in the University of Michigan College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Slavic Languages and Literatures from Princeton University.

Winkler writes that she enjoys working with students, faculty and staff, and she has some connections to the field of civil and environmental engineering herself: “My best friend in college and my grandfather were civil engineers. To fulfill a requirement in college, I took a bridges course and thought it was really cool (especially learning how and why bridges fail).”

Outside of work, Winkler’s favorite activities include going to the lake, crafting, knitting, gardening and crossword puzzles. She also tries to spend as much time as possible outside playing with her toddler.

“I’m inspired by growth–seeing students grow over their academic careers, and taking advantage of professional development opportunities U-M offers,” writes Winkler.


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