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PhD Candidate Ahmed Abdelhady places in Objective Resilience Student Competition

Abdelhady’s work models hurricane damage on residential neighborhoods.

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Ahmed Abdelhady

PhD Candidate Ahmed U. Abdelhady has won the second place prize in the 2020 Objective Resilience Student Competition for his presentation, “A Framework for the Probabilistic Quantification of Community Resilience Against Hurricanes.” 

The award is given out by the Objective Resilience Committee in the Engineering Mechanics Institute (ORC-EMI) during the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) annual Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) conference, this year concurrent with the Probabilistic Mechanics and Reliability Conference (PMC), which is held every four years.  

Abdelhady’s research uses the Interdependencies in Community Resilience (ICoR) project to model and visualize the effects of hurricanes and strong winds on neighborhoods. The software runs various predictive models and mitigation plans, with the goal being that communities will be better equipped to make decisions that increase resiliency against potential natural disasters. 

The EMI/PMC conference was originally scheduled for May 26-29, 2020, in New York, New York, but has been rescheduled due to COVID-19, and will be held in May 2021. The student paper competition was conducted virtually on July 8. 

Abdelhady is advised by Associate Professor Jason McCormick and Assistant Professor Seymour Spence.


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