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Two CEE staff members receive Staff Incentive Awards for supporting College values

Steve Donajkowski and Amy Shepherd received awards from the College of Engineering Staff Incentive Program.

CEE staff members Steve Donajkowski and Amy Shepherd have received awards from College of Engineering (CoE) Staff Incentive Program for the 2019-2020 school year.

The goal of the CoE Staff Incentive Program is to provide supervisors and managers an opportunity to reward staff who consistently demonstrate the College’s Vision, Mission and Values. This program is part of the College’s strategic plan and is directly related to the Culture Pillar.

Steve Donajkowski, CEE mechanical technician, was nominated by Jan Pantolin for the award. Pantolin stated that, “Steve is a key member of the technical staff in the department. He helps with ongoing research by constantly asking questions about projects to understand the goals and thinks about ways to achieve them. Donajkowski suggests to researchers the different ways of doing things and years of experience in research give insight on how others have done things to help current projects be successful. He is social and has a great ability to talk and work with students, faculty, visitors and staff, and he promotes a positive atmosphere that truly exemplifies the values of collaboration, excellence and trustworthiness.”

Amy Shepherd, CEE senior administrative assistant, was nominated by Patricia Brainard. Brainard said, “Amy demonstrates a collaborative nature in working with others. This includes not only the CEE Chair and the administrative team; rather it extends to many people beyond CEE.  She participated in the College Creativity, Innovation & Daring program by engaging in both the Creating Conversations tier as well as the Dare To Do project with the associated workshops.  She also collaborates well with her fellow administrative professionals as part of NCAP, learning from them and sharing her insights to enhance everyone’s performance.  We thank her for being a good role model for the CoE and CEE Values of Collaboration and Creativity, Innovation & Daring.”

In addition, CEE Professor Nancy Love received a Faculty Incentive Award for demonstrating creativity, innovation and daring in helping the College build its culture.


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