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Professor Menassa earns innovation award from Fiatech

Professor Carol Menassa has been selected to receive a Celebration of Engineering and Technology Innovation (CETI) award from Fiatech.

Menassa will receive an award in the category of Outstanding Early Career Researcher (for those with fewer than 10 years in their careers).

The award will be presented at Fiatech’s Annual Technology Conference and Showcase, which will take place in April 2017 in Orlando, Florida. Fiatech’s annual conference is a forum that features emerging technologies and innovative practices in the capital projects/facilities industry.

Fiatech, an international community of global leadership organizations focused on innovation in the capital projects industry, established the CETI Awards in 2006 to recognize significant achievements in technology research, development, and implementation. The CETIs recognize both organizations and individuals: organizations for successfully implementing new and emerging technologies, and individuals for making significant strides in advancing innovation in research and development.


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