TCMP Students Visit Greenfield Village

Civil and engineering graduate students from the Tishman Construction Management Program (TCMP) took a trip to Greenfield Village in September.

Professor Vineet Kamat and Associate Professors, Carol Menassa & SangHyun Lee, all attended the trip along with 37 graduate students from the TCMP graduate program.

TCMP is housed within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan, and offers an education and research program in construction.

The Greenfield Village trip was aimed at providing new incoming Masters and Ph.D. students in the TCMP program the opportunity to meet current students and interact with CEE faculty.

Construction Engineering and Management graduate student, Shreyas Mishra, said, “Spending time with new students who have just entered the CEE departments was indeed great fun. It was a good opportunity for them to connect with their academic seniors and know them better. It can surely be said now that they are no longer hesitant to talk with us and learn from our experiences.”

This activity helped integrate new incoming graduate students in the program by providing them a fun activity to get to know fellow students, form friendships and establish mentoring connections with the faculty.

Most of the graduate students in TCMP arrive on campus after leaving their homes and families for the first time. This activity welcomed them to the program and provided them with a fun conduit to make new friendships and become integrated in the program.

In addition, Greenfield Village showcases historic American architecture as well as relics from the industrial age. It will provide an excellent introduction to American architecture and engineering to TCMP students.

“As a learning experience, the trip helped to students learn a lot about American political and scientific history. It gave the international students a lot of knowledge about traditional American culture and activities as well,”  said Mishra.

Danni Zeng, a Construction Engineering and Management graduate student, added, “My favorite part about the Greenfield Village trip was taking a ride in the vintage Henry Ford Model T, which is the first affordable, mass-produced automobile. This wonderful experience made me truly understand that how the development of technology improved our life quality. Even better, our driver, a lovely gentleman, is also a Michigan alumni!”

This trip was made possible in part by a College of Engineering Community Grant, the trip proposal was submitted by Carol Menassa on behalf of TCMP.

TCMP Students Visit Greenfield Village

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