Outstanding Reviewer Award: Herek Clack

Associate Professor, Herek Clack, has been recognized by the Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association (JA&WMA) for his expert reviews and dedication to scientific excellence. Clack is one of ten recipients of the Outstanding Reviewer Award. 

Two-Semester Master of Engineering Programs

CEE Masters of Engineering Programs

Directions to CEE Main Admin Office (Room 3340 GG Brown) During May/June 2016 Construction

From New GG Brown Entrance (off Hayward Street)

•    Walk in through the glass doors. You’ll see floor-to-ceiling windows on your right and two large televisions to your left.
•    By the televisions, there is a set of stairs labeled Stair 10. Open the door and go up one floor.
•    Open the door to the third floor and make an immediate left. At the next opportunity to turn left, turn left. You’ll see restrooms and a water fountain on your left.

Alumni Spotlight: Ali Maher

Professor Ali Maher (BS ’78, MS ’85, PhD ’88) is the director of the Rutgers University Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT), which launched the world’s first accelerated testing facility for bridges in October 2015.

The facility is called the BEAST, which stands for Bridge Evaluation and Structural Testing laboratory. 

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