Smarter Stormwater Systems’ wins best feature article

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

by Nicole Casal Moore

Sensor networks that enable real-time control of stormwater infrastructure could dramatically improve urban water quality, reduce flooding, and revolutionize how those systems are managed. Branko Kerkez, U-M assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, is the lead writer of a piece on this approach that was selected as the top feature article of 2016 in the journal Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T).

ES&T is the top journal in the environmental and water resources engineering field.

Kerkez leads, a major initiative to organize an open-source consortium and share information and experiences about real-time stormwater control.

"By coupling the flow of water with the flow of information, modern stormwater infrastructure will adapt itself in real-time to changing storms and land uses, while simultaneously providing a highly cost-effective solution for cities that are otherwise forced to spend billions on stormwater reconstruction,” he writes in the feature article.

Find out more about ES&T's awards. Read the article, Smarter Stormwater Systems.

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Branko Kerkez

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