CEE SAC Actvities

A few things the Student Advisory Council has addressed:

  • End of year picnic / game day
  • Meeting with the CEE IT Committee to improve/coordinate monitor displays and email advertising of department events 
  • Improvement of departmental printing options
  • CEE Photo and Video Contests (Fall 2008 - Winter 2009)
  • Coordination of class and lab section schedules 
  • Meeting with an External Review Committee for CEE Undergraduate/Graduate matters (Fall 2008)
  • Improving CEE's exposure to undeclared students (ENGIN 100 &110) and high school students (Tech Day) 
  • Added comment box online to hear from students 
  • Updated lounges and study areas
  • IA/GSI rooms for study sessions and office hours

And, as always...

  • Listening to our fellow students and bringing concerns to the attention of the department!
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