What are the minimum requirements and where to get trained?

If you are unsure of your safety training needs, you can complete the “What Training Do I Need?” (http://ehs.umich.edu/education/what-training-do-i-need/) assessment provided by the University of Michigan Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) office and then contact the supervisor of the laboratory to ensure that this is adequate.  Most laboratories will also require lab specific safety training on equipment and processes specific to that laboratory.  These will be conducted following completion of any EHS training that is necessary.  Other questions in regards to required safety training can be addressed to EHS staff by email to SafetyTraining@umich.edu.

At a minimum, all new hires working in laboratories are required to take:

  • BL S009 Comprehensive Laboratory Safety Training – 2.5 hours
    (Bloodborne Pathogen, Laboratory Safety, and Personal Protective Equipment)

Alternatively, the two following web-based courses can be taken (both must be taken):

  • BLS025W Chemical Laboratory Safety Training
  • BLS101W Blood Borne Pathogens

Registration for these courses can be done through EHS by logging on to My Link (http://ehs.umich.edu/education/ehs-training-login/). Your uniqname and password are required.  Once logged into MyLINK, choose Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) to obtain a list of the training courses.  Select the desired course and click on Register to see the date, time, location, and availability of the courses.  Select the desired section and submit it to register for the course.

A list of all available safety training courses can be found at http://ehs.umich.edu/education/ehs-training-login/.

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