Laboratory Safety

Before entering any of our Department’s Laboratories, and taking advantage of the unique facilities available at the University of Michigan, you need to be properly trained and comply with all safety requirements. This website is intended to guide you through this process.

Safety training is required for anyone working in research laboratories or conducting work that leads to potential contact with hazardous materials.  No work can be conducted until proof is supplied to the supervisor of the laboratory that the requisite safety training has been completed.

Specialized training may also is required to operate certain equipment and devices so always check with the laboratory supervisor about the safety requirements and training associated with using any equipment.

If you are new to laboratory safety and do not know where to start, click here.

If you need to fill out a CoE Safety Incident Report, please click here.

To learn about the 500 kip compression machine, watch it shatter concrete in the video below. Remember, do not go near it without proper safety training.

CEE Lab Safety from UM CEEFA on Vimeo.


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