Research Highlights

Vineet Kamat

3D Visualization of Simulated Construction Operations in Outdoor Augmented Reality

Prof. Kamat and his group use georeferencing techniques to animate simulated construction processes in real-time

Visualizing planned construction operations in an immersive interactive world improves coordination, safety, and communication during construction.

Prof. Kamat and his group are studying advanced positioning and tracking technologies as well as state-of-the-art...

Lutgarde Raskin & Nancy Love

'Environmental Biotechnology Applied to Water and Wastewater Treatment: Protecting Public Health and the Environment'

Biotechnology can be described as the development and use of engineering methods and systems that take advantage of the beneficial characteristics of naturally occurring microorganisms. Environmental biotechnology aims to apply the principles of biotechnology to address problems of significance to the natural environment and human health. Researchers in the...

Valeriy Ivanov

Tracking the Path of Water through High Performance Numerical Models

Prof. Ivanov and hydrology group simulate water and energy fluxes of large-scale basins

Understanding where and how runoff is generated in heterogeneous landscape is vital for flood-forecasting and land use planning.

Prof. Ivanov and his group are studying land-surface hydrology at the catchment scale. They are employing the physically-based spatially distributed TIN-based Real-Time Integrated...


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