Michigan Aquaponics

Michigan Aquaponics aims to serve as a source of aquaponics technology and business expertise for both local communities, such as the University of Michigan, as well as interested global communities. As technology experts, Michigan Aquaponics will serve its communities by 1) educating people on issues of food security and sustainable food systems related to aquaponics, 2) implementing functional aquaponics systems with interested community-level partners, and 3) providing business development support for partners wishing to implement aquaponics as a solution to their expressed needs. Michigan Aquaponics is also committed to creating a vibrant and diverse community of students from across Michigan.

Michigan Aquaponics is made up of students from across discipline areas including, but not limited to, business, engineering, natural sciences, policy, and mathematics. We welcome any and all students interested in aquaponics and social change!

For more information, visit their website | Michigan Aquaponics

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