Water Systems

Strategic Direction 3Strategic DirectionsWe will build on existing expertise in the profession to develop a new paradigm for holistically examining water systems, focusing on the complex interfaces that exist between related natural and built infrastructure systems that affect water quality and availability. These include: the human-natural-infrastructure interfaces, the interactions between water and energy production/use, the interface between water and global environmental health, and water security. We will also focus on the performance and resiliency of infrastructure systems used to deliver potable water (e.g., pipelines, decentralized water systems) and to control the movement of water near urban centers (e.g., levees, canals, dams). We will incorporate this holistic view of natural and built water systems into undergraduate and graduate courses throughout the department.

Water SystemsBuilding on our Legacy: Strategic Directions for the FutureClick here for more information from CEE's "Building on our Legacy: Strategic Directions for the Future"


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