The BSE Degree in Environmental Engineering

The BSE EnvE program is dedicated to producing tomorrow’s leaders – those who will help society meet the challenges of global resource limitations and human environmental impacts.

With a BSE EnvE, students are prepared for a career position in engineering consulting, government agencies, humanitarian organizations and much more. Environmental engineering is predicted to have one of the highest growth rates among all engineering disciplines in a few years.

“Environmental engineering, in addition to being a rapidly developing field, also delivers the perfect balance of a technical degree with practical applications,” Environmental Engineering Student Hema Karunakaram says. 

This fairly new program gives students an opportunity to focus on sustainable infrastructure systems - such as water, sanitation and air quality- that protect human health and natural resources for current and coming generations.

“I’d always known I wanted to study something related to the environment and sustainability, and work in a field where I could have positive and tangible impacts on the ecological and human systems around me,” Environmental Engineering Student Diana Bach says.

The main focus areas are: water quality and health, earth systems, environmental fluid dynamics and environmental policy and sustainable infrastructure.

If you would like to learn more, contact Matt Blank, the undergraduate programs coordinator, at If you would like to see the sample schedule leading to the BSE in Environmental Engineering, click here

Environmental Engineering Students

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