By-Laws University of Michigan Civil and Environmental Engineering Friends Association

  1. Name. The name of this Association shall be the University of Michigan Civil and Environmental Engineering Friends Association (CEEFA).
  2. Purpose. The purpose of this Association shall be to promote a close working relationship between civil engineering alumni and friends and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and to cooperate with the University in its service to the public.
  3. Membership. Alumni of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan, past and present faculty members, and friends with professional interests in common shall be voting members of this Association.
  4. Officers and Board of Directors.
    1. Officers shall be a President, Vice President, and Secretary. The officers shall constitute the executive committee of the association. The President, Vice President, and Secretary shall be elected from the members of the Association. The term of office shall be for two years beginning on July 1st following election. Election shall be held at the annual business meeting prior to the end of each two year period.
    2. The Board of Directors shall consist of ten members including: President, Vice President, Secretary, Department chair and six Directors. Three Directors shall be elected at the annual business meeting or via electronic election prior to the end of each term. Three Directors shall be appointed by the Department chair. Terms of office are for three years and shall expire in June. Elections will be held every year and up to 50% of the elected positions on the Board of Directors will be elected in any given year. Six members of the board constitute a quorum.
    3. The President shall name a Nominations Committee to present a slate of officers and directors for election. Persons receiving the largest number of votes shall be declared elected. Vacancies between election of officers and directors shall be filled by the remaining members of the executive committee.
    4. The Past Presidents of the Board of Directors and one student enrolled in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department shall be ex-officio members without vote. The student member shall be appointed by the ASCE student chapter each year.
  5. Committees. The Nominations Committee shall be the only Standing Committee. The President shall name other committees as needed. Members of these committees shall be appointed from those individuals who have volunteered their service to CEEFA. All members of CEEFA shall be encouraged and given the opportunity to volunteer.
  6. Meetings. Meetings of the Association shall be held upon call of the Board of Directors. Date and place of meeting shall be announced by direct mailing, on the CEEFA website, via E-mail or other electronic communication, or in the Newsletter. A quorum for meetings shall be all those in attendance.
  7. Revisions. These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote at any meeting of the CEEFA Board of Directors provided that notice of proposed revisions was included with the call to the meeting.
  8. Amended and approved Spring 2010
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